Work-Ship the Bible Study is Done

I just completed writing chapter 8 of Work-Ship. That means the 8 chapters that I wanted to get done actually are done. I have a completed Bible Study. There are 5 more chapters that I could and will write but for now we have a usable Bible Study. On to the editing reviewing and getting feedback. I’ll be posting sections of the study in order regularly on here for review. Please feel free to keep track and comment.


Finding Still Waters: Cultural Influences Creating Work as a Moral Good

Finding Still Waters: Cultural Influences Creating Work as a Moral Good.

A New Twist on Labor Day – Tim Elmore (Repost)

Tim Elmore has a good starter for a discussion about what we expect from work.

Lessons from the Sandbox (A Book Review)

Lessons from the Sandbox (A Book Review).

Taking Care of Other People’s Stuff

Taking Care of Other People’s Stuff.

Baptist Campus Ministries at Drexel

On Fridays I will regularly post about Work-Ship.  Work-Ship is my theological attempt to combine what we do as workers with what we do as worshipers.  I write on this topic primarily in hopes to better prepare Drexel students to incorporate their faith into their work but I have come to the conclusion that it is also needed for the larger Christian community.  You can find several of my other posts on this topic here on this site under the category of Work-Ship or more extensively at my other blog-site Work-Ship specifically designated for this topic.

My last post on the the idea of Work-Ship (God the Ultimate Maintenance Man) dealt with the sustaining nature of God.  I realize that this is the part of God’s work that I am least interested in.  Out of all the ways God works and out of all the ways humanity can…

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God the Ultimate Maintenance Man

God the Ultimate Maintenance Man.

Created in the Image of the Creator to Create

Created in the Image of the Creator to Create.