Several years ago, I was confronted by the idea as a campus minister at Drexel University one of my top priorities was to help students integrate what they believe with how they will work.  It was paradigm shift for me.  I do not minister to students but to future employees.  Since then I have experimented with concepts, discussed ideas with students, campus ministers, pastors and employees, researched and read, and most of all thought.  I’ve thought a lot.  How do we as followers of Christ integrate how we work with what we believe?  The best paradigm I have developed at the moment is Work-Ship.  Work is a form of worship.  All work can be worship.  This blog is specifically dedicated to discussing many of the things I have come to realize and exploring new implications to what I’m studying.

I am the Baptist Campus Minister at Drexel and have another blog at peaceandpoweratdrexel.wordpress.com that highlights the ministry on campus.  Please look there if that is what you are interested in.


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