God the Son as a Worker (Part 2) finally

Sorry, for the long hiatus.  Work has been crazy.

We were talking about how Christ, God the Son works as a redeemer.  The basic conclusion is that God saw the current situation.  Humanity was separated from Him by our sins.  This situation was unacceptable to God.  God then imagined/created a way that would change the situation.  He sacrificed something of Himself (actually in this case God sacrificed all of Himself) by sending His Son to die on the cross for our sins.  Providing a way for humanity to be redeemed.

With that said, I believe we can highlight several key parameters of what it means to work redemptively.  1) There is a dissatisfaction with the way things are.  2)  There is an imaginative response creating the image of the way things should be.  3) There is a sacrifice of personal resources to change things from the way things are to the way things should be.

Following this basic out line; have you ever worked redemptively in your work space?  Have you ever changed things from the way they are to the way they should be?  On a basic level I think we do this all the time.

I spent 4 months in Mexico, working with Baptist Campus Ministry in the city of Guadalajara.  They owned a building in a central location in the city.  On the side of that building was a dirt path that led to the basketball court.  During the rainy season it was nothing but mud.  All the water from the court would use the path as a gutter to run off.  The situation was unacceptable and it was my job to fix the problem.  The really cool part was that I was given creative freedom to imagine and design the solution.  We created a brick sidewalk the was slope in the middle so that during the rainy season it actually function like a gutter.  Then we lined the sides of the sidewalk with plants and grasses to hold things in place.  I was able to change things to the way things should be.

Now understand, what I did in no way compares to what Christ did on the cross.  Christ’s redemption of humanity was the greatest event in history, however; I can find some small meaning in my work knowing that I was using similar skills and attributes as God while I was working.  I was in some small way being redemptive.  The image of god was shining in me.

Some other questions that it might be interesting to think about.  Are their certain jobs and careers that tend to concentrate on being redemptive?  Is yours one of them?  How can you gain motivation and energy just from the idea of seeing your work as a little bit redemptive?  How can you better integrate what you believe spiritually about redemption to how you might work redemptively?  Even though, redemption is key Christian belief can persons who do not consciously follow Jesus Christ act redemptively?  Can you praise God when you see someone acting redemptively even if they do not realize what they are doing?   Can you pray to God for more chances to be redemptive within your work setting?  Can you pray to God that He allows you to see more things that need to be redeemed?  Can you pray to God that blesses you with greater creativity in how you work redemptively?

May you see your work as a deeply spiritual exercise where you directly connect what you believe with how you work.  May you participate in some small way the great work of God as you do the little things He has called you to do.  May you be redemptive in your work and may that bless you and all those around you.

Next time will talk about God the Son, the great communicater.


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