Taking Your Worship to Work

Have you ever considered that you have a distinct advantage at your job because you are a Christian?  Do you see your faith making you better at your job?  Do you consider what you believe as an aspect that helps you accomplish great things?  Allow me on this Monday afternoon (at least afternoon on the East Coast) to encourage you with some quick thoughts about how your faith makes you a better worker.

You have the power of prayer. You can pray for your job.  You can pray for your co-workers.  You can pray for the success of your company.  If we believe that prayer actually works then we should see our prayers as an aspect the helps us work.  God is able to accomplish great things through us and through our prayers.

You have a healthy perspective. Your faith keeps you grounded.  It gives you a healthy perspective.  You worship God not work.  You worship God not your career.  You realize that there is more to life than success in the office.  This may in the short run limit you in competition with the workaholics in the office but you are in it for the long haul.  With a proper worldview based on the worship of God you are less likely to crash and burn or even just burn-out.  You are willing to submit your own personal, momentary success for a greater good.

You have defined ethical standards. Many people who do not worship God have great ethics.  Many of them practice better ethics than you do.  However, you have something they don’t.  You have an outside source of defined ethical standards that you can hold yourself accountable to.  They can hold you accountable to these as well.  Your standards are written and clear.  IF you were to ever break them others would clearly see that you are breaking your standards.  You are accountable to something outside of yourself.

This is definitely not a comprehensive list.  You may even be able to think of several more at this moment.  Please, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

As you potentially confront a negative stereotype of Christians and Christianity in the work place think about the specific benefits that you bring to the job BECAUSE you are a Christian.

May you see the abundant resource that your faith is as you go about your job.


About Brian Musser

Rev. Brian Musser is the Baptist Campus Minister at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. View all posts by Brian Musser

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