My First Question: Who are you talking to?

This actually came from Benson Hines via a facebook message about this blog.  “Meanwhile, who is your audience for this? Will you be directing your words more to students (on how to work-ship), or to college ministers (on how to train students to work-ship)?”  (If you don’t know Benson Hines check out

The answer to his question is a good place to start.  The intended audience will be employees and/or future employees.  This will include students but not be limited to students.  Most of the information I have worked through has been processed within the context of a Christian Faculty/Staff Bible Study at Drexel. Some of it has also been used in a Bible Study with junior and senior year Christian engineering students.

One of the unique characteristics of Drexel University that has accelerated and amplified my thinking on the issue of work is the university Co-op program.  The majority of students at Drexel University are involved in a course program that requires an extensive co-op (internship) experience.  The “typical” Drexel degree program is a 5 year program: Freshman, Sophomore, “pre-Junior,” Junior and Senior years.  Each year is divided into 4 terms (or quarters): Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  Freshman year you attend class for 3 terms.  Sophomore year you will attend class for 2 terms (approximately 6 months) and co-op for 2 terms (another 6 months).  This cycle repeats for your pre-Junior and Junior years.  Then your Senior year you attedn class for 3 terms.  Upon graduation a Drexel student has 18 months experience working in their field sometimes in three different locations.

This changes my ministry focus.  Students at Drexel quite often have the mentality of an employee more than a student.  I have the opportunity to provide students with the means to practice being a Christian employee on three separate occasions with built-in periods of evaluation and de-briefing.  The question is not “how can I integrate my faith with my job when I get out of college?”  But, “this happened yesterday at work, what should I have done?”

Although, my primary focus will be on employees and future employees, I hope that while doing this I can provide a laboratory for other campus ministers.  Ask me questions.  If we haven’t discussed already, I’m sure it will come up soon.  And if not we can bring it up and toss around novel ideas.


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